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Applications for ''Metropolitan's support for 10,000 tradesmen'' began

Applications for ''Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's support for 10,000 tradesmen'' who stopped their activities within the scope of coronavirus began. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality will provide 15 million TL support consisting of 1.500 TL to each tradesman. Applications can be made at www.denizli.bel.tr.
 The applications for 1.500 TL support from Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to 10,000 the tradesmen across the city, who stopped their activities within the scope of coronavirus measures, began. Applications from 19 districts of Denizli can be received online at www.denizli.bel.tr. The owners of women hairdressers, barbers, billiards and game halls, tea gardens, tea shops, wedding halls, photographers, beauty salons, artificial turf fields, Turkish baths and saunas, internet cafes, cafes, coffee houses, restaurants, amusement parks, musicians, school canteen operators, restaurants, sports halls, toast and grill hall will be able to apply online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a 1.500 TL support. Those who select the ''I want to upload my documents digitally'' option will apply online with the following documents: 
1- Workplace liability certificate (can be extracted from e-government), 
2- Upload the digital photos of the tax plate or business license (in PDF, JPG, GIF or PNG format) into the system. The tradesmen who will fill the information in the form will also enter the IBAN into the system.
Hand applications can be submitted during working hours
Those who choose the option ''I want to submit the documents personally'', after completing the online application form on www.denizli.bel.tr will have to submit the following documents within the working hours:
1 - Workplace taxpayer certificate (can be removed from e-government) 
2 - The tax plate or business license. The tradesmen, who need to fill out the online form first, will have to deliver their documents to the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality main service building in the centre of Denizli and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ subscription and collection offices in the districts.
Payment will be made into the IBAN account
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan heralded that the support applications they have implemented to remedy the problems of the tradesmen most affected by the epidemic have started. Stating that they will provide unrequited support of 15 million TL in total, 1,500 TL to 10 thousand Tradesmen, Mayor Zolan pointed out that the money would be transferred into the bank accounts when the applications are approved. Stating that they reduced the water fees by 90 per cent for tradesmen and all commercial enterprises, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''As always, we stand by our tradesmen. I hope we will overcome this strenuous process together in solidarity. ''

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