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Kefe Plateau welcomes its guests with its magnificent nature

Kefe Plateau, modernized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, welcomes its guests with its magnificent nature. The plateau, located at an altitude of 1350m, is the address of those who want to take a breath of cool and clean air. The facility provides tent areas and daily facilities, especially for those who want to camp here.
 Kefe Plateau, located in Yatağan Neighbourhood of Serinhisar district, renovated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, is one of the first addresses of those who want to take a breath of cool and clean air. Kefe Plateau, located at an altitude of 1350 meters, approximately 50 kilometres from the centre of Denizli, provides service with a camping area for 300 tents and a caravan camping area. Kefe Plateau provides services on an area of 171 thousand square meters with its daily facilities. The facility welcomes its guests from all over the country with its tent and caravan camping areas, kebab and pita bread shop, market, restaurant, tea garden, coffee house, sports field, playgrounds, parking lot, 24-hour hot water, shower, toilet, and Yorük tent. The guests who come without their tents also have the opportunity to rent tents from the facility.
Invitation from Mayor Zolan to Kefe Plateau
Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan said that Denizli is a brand city with investments in highland tourism. Emphasizing that Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau are also a shining star of plateau tourism, Mayor Zolan said, ''I especially invite our citizens who want to take a cool and clean breath in the scorching heat of the summer to our highlands. We welcome our citizens to our highlands with all our means. ''Pointing out that Kefe Plateau is preferred by the citizens for its comfort and security after the investments made in, Mayor Zolan said, ''We continue to strive for our citizens to spend a comfortable, happy and peaceful time in Kefe Plateau, one of the rare assets of our beautiful Denizli. Kefe Plateau is offering services such as renting tents, restaurants, markets and coffee shops.
Those who stayed in the plateau are satisfied
Cahit Özgören expressed that he is very happy to come to Kefe Plateau and expressed that Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, who brought the facility to the city, is a chance for Denizli. Özgören said, ''After Denizli Metropolitan Municipality took this place, it fulfilled all its electricity, infrastructure, water and sewerage requirements without any shortcomings. This place has become a city. May Allah bless you. We have no problems at the moment. ''
İslam Bilgin said that they came to Kefe Plateau in the past and that the facilities increased after the facility came under the responsibility of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Bilgin said, ''We have been coming to Kefe Plateau for 5-6 years. Everyone should come and see the plateau. The weather, the roads, the lighting, everything is beautiful. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made this place wonderful. Whatever I say will be incomplete. I came in 2006, the weather was still the same, but they did not have the means. Now, with all its services, Kefe Plateau has become a sparkling place. ''
Mehmet Tıkır stated that Kefe Plateau gained a different beauty with the investments of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Tıkır said, ''For years, I have escaped the heat of Denizli and come to Kefe Plateau. I was coming before the responsibility of Kefe Plateau was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality. The atmosphere has not changed in the past, but this place has become more beautiful with the good services provided by the Metropolitan Municipality. Our facilities are very good. We have a very nice coffee house, a pita and kebab shop, and a market. The facilities in terms of social equipment are very good. There is an electrical installation that everyone can use independently. All of our facilities in the city, especially cleaning services, are here. ''

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