Home News ''Our services will continue in Acıpayam''

''Our services will continue in Acıpayam''

Visiting the Acıpayam district, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Acıpayam is very precious to us. Acıpayam's citizens have always supported us and stood by us firmly. Our services will continue in Acıpayam. ''
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan went to Acıpayam district for a series of visits and programs. Mayor Zolan was accompanied by Acıpayam Mayor Hulusi Şevkan, AK Party Acıpayam District President Fikret Gümüş, city council members, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary Generals Ali Aydın, Serhat Akbulut, Ömer Faruk Özer, heads of departments and their guests. Welcomed with intense interest and affection of the people of Acıpayam, Mayor Zolan chatted with them for a while and listened to their problems. Mayor Zolan firstly visited the Acıpayam Municipality. Acıpayam Mayor Şevkan thanked Mayor Osman Zolan on behalf of the people of Acıpayam for their services and investments in their district. Congratulating Mayor Zolan, who received an award from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last Tuesday with his "Denizli Young 2023" project, Şevkan said, ''It's an honour, a note that fell into history. While I was walking there, I saw the stand of our Metropolitan Municipality. I felt a particular excitement and pride. I was so happy. ''
''We have eliminated vital problems''
Explaining that they have carried out many investments and services in Acıpayam since 2014, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We can say that we have eliminated vital problems. We have made many investments in our Acıpayam district. We, as Acıpayam Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality, solved the issues in each neighbourhood. In short, we have worked in many areas such as infrastructure, superstructure, water-related problems, the treatment plant, sports facilities, parks. ''Stating that they have made Acıpayam more beautiful with the support of President Erdoğan, the government and all the ministers, Mayor Zolan said, ''I hope we will continue our way by bringing solutions to all problems in our city. ''
''Acıpayam is an ancient district''
Noting that they held relevant meetings in Acıpayam throughout the day, Mayor Zolan said, ''Here, we hope to plan together how to meet the needs of our district. May Allah open our way. Acıpayam is very precious to us. Acıpayam's citizens have always supported us and stood by us firmly. Our services will continue in Acıpayam. Acıpayam is an ancient district. It is a district that can stand on its own feet, develops with its growing structure and the beauties of its people. ''Later, Mayor Zolan held an evaluation meeting with the participation of council members.
The program lasted until late at night.
Mayor Zolan also met with the heads of departments operating in the district, wished good luck to the tradesmen in Acıpayam Center and came together with the AK Party Acıpayam District Organization within the scope of the district program and met with the main level, women, youth branch administrations and neighbourhood mukhtars. Visiting MHP Acıpayam District President Günday İlhan and the members of the board of directors, Mayor Zolan listened to the demands and suggestions of the mukhtars working in Acıpayam. Within the program that lasted until late at night, Mayor Zolan finally met with the Metropolitan Municipality personnel working in Acıpayam and chatted with the employees for a while.

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