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Metropolitan continues to support the women producers

Women members of the Handicraft Market and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Microcredit Office serving under the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council exhibited their handcrafted products at the stands they opened in Bayramyeri Square.
 Women entrepreneurs showcased their skills
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council opened the Handicraft Market for women who want to contribute to their family budgets and spend their free time productively. Being members of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Microcredit Office, entrepreneurial women exhibited their handicraft products in Bayramyeri Square. Women continue contributing to their family budgets by selling handcrafted knits, children's dresses, jewellery, ornaments, needle lace, lace and various dowry products. The women, who were happy to make sales at the stands established to contribute to the family economy by selling their handicraft products, thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan, who always supported them.
Women are satisfied
Noting that they have been continuing to produce and sell for years with the opportunities provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Hazer Kayırhan said, ''We can make and sell products such as handicrafts, needle lace, fabric, wood painting. ''Ülker Eren said, ''It has been six years since I started this business. I started with little things like writing and booties. I contribute to the family budget. I thank our Mayor Osman Zolan, our President Ali Değirmenci and our Minister Nihat Zeybekci. '' Yıldız Zıplak stated that she has been a member of the Microcredit Office since 2007 and gave information about the work done. Zıplak said, ''We are very pleased with the interest of our citizens. We thank those who contributed. ''
Full support
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Council President Ali Değirmenci stated that the City Council continues its social projects with success. Değirmenci said, ''There is an opportunity we provide to our women with the Handicraft Market under the umbrella of the City Council. Our volunteers, registered to the Handicraft Market, exhibit their dowry, knitting works, needle laces, baby clothes, jewellery types, knitting toys in the stands. Likewise, we have a Microcredit Office that we have established together with the Turkish Waste Prevention Foundation. Here, too, we provide resources to our women in line with our possibilities. While our women present their handicrafts with these exhibitions, our citizens meet their needs. We want our brothers to both produce and contribute to their home economy. In the coming period, our projects and support for women will continue to increase. ''

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