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The asphalt project of the metropolitan continues

Working to solve the road problem between Serinhisar and Yatağan Districts, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality completely renewed the 4,5 km road between the two districts. Mayor Osman Zolan, who examined the works, said, ''We continue to build new roads and to serve our nation. ''
 Metropolitan Municipality solves the transportation problem of Serinhisar-Yatağan districts.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited the Serinhisar district and examined the asphalt works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in the region. Mayor Zolan was accompanied by Mayor of Serinhisar Hüseyin Gemi, AK Party Serinhisar District President Cemal Kobaş, former Supreme Court Chief Public Prosecutor Hasan Erbil, Deputy Secretary-General Ali Aydın, Yatağan Neighborhood Mukhtar Kamil Köprü and their entourage. Mayor Zolan and his entourage examined the asphalt works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the road connecting Yatağan District to the Serinhisar district. The residents of the neighbourhood thanked Mayor Zolan for the investment. While the excavated road is being completely renewed, the 4.5 km route is made by the standards with surface coating.
''We continue to serve our nation''
Emphasizing that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues the asphalt mobilization throughout the city, Mayor Osman Zolan said they would renovate the road between Serinhisar and Yatağan from top to bottom and put it into the service of citizens. Stating that the road is in bad condition and affects transportation negatively, Mayor Zolan said: ''We are renewing the road by widening and raising it from top to bottom. We are making the road from Serinhisar district to Yatağan by standards and beautiful. May Allah watch our way. We continue to build roads and serve our nation. ''
''The road means civilization''
Mayor Zolan thanked all his fellow citizens who supported and trusted them during the road construction studies and said, ''The road means civilization. We strive to build comfortable, safe and risk-reducing roads that provide transportation for our people. I thank all my colleagues for their hard work. I would also like to thank all our citizens who showed patience and suffered during the road construction. ''Wishing the citizens to obey the traffic rules, Mayor Zolan said, ''May our road be beneficial to our city, but our citizens should also pay attention to the traffic rules to prevent any traffic accidents. I hope our investment will serve our Serinhisar and Yatağan for many years. ''Mayor Zolan, who visited Yatağan Neighborhood after the examination, visited the shopkeepers and wished them good working, and also chatted with the citizens for a while.

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