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Joint exercise from Metropolitan DESKİ and AFAD

Denizli Metropolitan DESKİ Search and Rescue Team continues its theoretical and practical training against possible disasters and accidents. In this context, Metropolitan DESKİ, in collaboration with AFAD, held a search and rescue exercise and a rescue training program.
 An urban search and rescue training and a search and rescue exercise program in mountainous areas took place within the scope of the training protocol signed between Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate and AFAD. The search and rescue training in the mountainous area, organized within the scope of the 2021 Turkey Disaster Training Year announced by the Ministry of Interior, was held in Karataş. A search and rescue team consisting of 14 physicians, nurses, occupational safety specialists and psychologists from the Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ participated in the exercise. The theoretical and practical training consisted of psychological preparation training, logistics, transfer, security, TAMP-AYDES-İKAS, evacuation and types of evacuation, general building information, general HAZMAT information, and the use of the geographic information system.
Theoretical and practical training provided
Theoretical training was given on technical materials and camping equipment used in rescue, evacuation of casualties with stretchers, narrow and right angle casualty evacuation-pulling systems, and INSARAG applications. The Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ search and rescue team completed the search and rescue stages by working in urban search and rescue and mountainous areas.

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