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Mayor Zolan continues his district visits

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan visited Güney District within the scope of district programs and embraced his fellow citizens. Emphasizing that Güney is developing more and more each day, Mayor Zolan said, ''We continue to write service epics in Güney. ''
 ''We continue to write service epics''
Continuing his visits to the districts, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan went to Güney district for a series of visits and programs. Güney Mayor Halil Ayhan, AK Party Güney District President Süleyman Tombal, city council members, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy-Secretary Generals Ali Aydın, Seval Gebeş, Ömer Faruk Özer and their entourage, accompanied Mayor Zolan during his visit to Güney. Mayor Osman Zolan firstly visited Güney Municipality. Emphasizing that they work day and night for the welfare of the citizens in all de Denizli's districts, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We have worked to eliminate the problems of our Güney district by working with our district municipality and metropolitan municipality since 2014.
He laid key cobblestones, chatted with citizens
Later, Mayor Zolan held an evaluation meeting with the participation of council members. Mayor Zolan, who also visited the tradesmen and wished them good work, chatted with the citizens for a while, listened to their problems, and met with the heads of the chambers in the district. Mayor Zolan, who examined the key cobblestone works laid by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in Yeni Neighbourhood, laid key paving stones for a while with the workers here. Within the scope of the program, Mayor Zolan also met with the AK Party Güney District Organization and met with the main level, women, youth branch administrations and neighbourhood mukhtars. Visiting MHP Güney District President Hakan Ertekin and the members of the board of directors, Mayor Zolan listened to the requests and suggestions of the neighbourhood mukhtars. Mayor Zolan also met with the Metropolitan Municipality personnel working in the district.

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