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Mayor Zolan celebrated Working Journalists' Day

Celebrating January 10 Working Journalists' Day, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''The responsibilities of our media are increasing, even more, today, where technology is developing rapidly, and instant communication and information sharing, characterized as social media, increases. ''
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan published a message on January 10, Working Journalists' Day and said that the press, which is one of the cornerstones of democracy, is the most effective tool for citizens freedom of information. Emphasizing that an impartial, free, honest media in line with the ethical and ethical rules of the press has an important role in the social development, Mayor Zolan said, ''The most important qualification of journalists is that they reflect the news and information they objectively obtain from the public. In this sense, I heartily congratulate our members of the press, who work hard to fulfil their duties under the most difficult conditions. ''
Pointing out that the responsibilities of the media have increased even more today when technology is developing rapidly and the instant communication and information sharing, known as social media increased, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our local and national media members worked hard, especially during the pandemic period. They brought significant contributions to us. In this respect, I would like to thank all our press members for their devotion. ''
Stating that the members of the press, who act as a bridge between the citizen and the public, make significant contributions to urban studies with their news, comments and opinions, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our support to journalists, who are an indispensable element of our democracy will continue today as yesterday. I congratulate the January 10 Working Journalists' Day to our members of the press, who work with great devotion to be the voice of our nation with these feelings and thoughts, and I wish Allah has mercy on our journalist who passed away for eternity. ''

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