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Metropolitan continues to add value to Denizli

Stunning with its investments in transportation, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality renewed Hüdai Oral Street, one of the important streets of the city, and made it more comfortable and safe. Thanking all his fellow citizens for their trust and support, Mayor Zolan said, ''We will continue to make beauties together. ''
Hüdai Oral Street was renewed
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which is stunning with its transportation investments in Denizli, is renovating Hüdai Oral Street in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Neighbourhood in the Merkezefendi district. While the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs completely scraped the 1.5-kilometre-long route and brought it back together with hot asphalt, the Department of Transportation prepared a project for the intersection of Hüdai Oral Street and Kaynarca Street, heavily demanded by the citizens. The Hüdai Oral Street will be modern and safer with the 14-meter-wide road with two direction lanes. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan examined the works almost completed. Mayor Zolan, who chatted with the employees for a short time and used the asphalt paving machine, was accompanied by Deputy Secretary-General Ali Aydın, Head of Science Affairs Department Nuriye Çevni and his companions.
Citizens' demands and needs are met
Stating that they continue their work throughout Denizli without slowing down, Mayor Zolan said, "We made very intense investments in transportation so far. We continue to ensure comfortable and safe transport for our citizens. We continue our work on Hüdai Oral Street in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Neighborhood. Our citizens heavily demanded this project. We are now meeting this demand. With this work, we added another street to comfortable transportation. '' Emphasizing that the renewed route is one of the important streets of Denizli, Mayor Zolan said that Hüdai Oral Street is one of the alternative arteries connecting to the İzmir road and wished it to be beneficial to the city.
Pay attention to traffic rules
Thanking all his fellow citizens who trusted and supported him during the road construction, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our road has become very comfortable. I ask our drivers to pay attention to the rules about speed. Good luck to our city and our Mehmet Akif Ersoy Neighborhood. We will continue to do many beauties together. Together with our whole team, we will strive to be ready to meet the needs of our citizens. ''

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