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Good news of infrastructure for Kayıhan, Hürriyet and Asmalıevler

Iftar dinner of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality was established in Kayıhan Neighbourhood. Sharing the same table with thousands of citizens, Mayor Zolan gave the good news that they started infrastructure investments in Kayıhan, Hürriyet and Asmalıevler neighbourhoods.
The iftar dinner, traditionally organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was set up in Kayıhan Neighbourhood. AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Denizli Deputy Cahit Özkan, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan and his wife Berrin Zolan, Pamukkale Mayor Avni Örki and guests, as well as many citizens and neighbourhood mukhtars attended the iftar dinner held in Kayıhan Sheltered Marketplace. Celebrating the neighbourhood residents for the month of Ramadan, Mayor Osman Zolan and his entourage prayed and opened their fast. Noting that they continued the iftar dinner after two years due to the epidemic, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''This is the place where the Kayıhan, Hürriyet and Asmalıevler neighbourhoods meet. We invited our citizens, they accepted this invitation and shared the same table with us. I thank them. Hopefully, this beauty and our values will continue to increase. ''
''We wrote epics of service''
Giving good news that they have started infrastructure works in Kayıhan, Hürriyet and Asmalıevler neighbourhoods, Mayor Zolan said, ''Best wishes. We have invested heavily in the infrastructure of Denizli in a historical sense. We wrote epics of service. As in many areas, we will complete this infrastructure work and walk together to better days. ''Noting that they started the investment of the century in the districts of Kayıhan, Hürriyet and Asmalıevler, Mayor Zolan said, ''May Allah bless you all. ''
Mahşer-i Cümbüş received once again full marks from the Denizli people
On the other hand, Mahşer-i Cümbüş, the pioneer of modern improvisational theatre in Turkiye, took the stage once again last night at the Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center. Mahşer-i Cümbüş, who exhibited the "Theatre Sports" in the program, received full marks from the theatre lovers with its successful performances. The jokes that the actors made during their improvisational games burst into laughter. The play received great acclaim and a standing ovation from the audience.

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