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Mayor Zolan: "Ramadan passed very good in Denizli"

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality hosted 7 thousand of people in the iftar program established in Karahasanlı Neighbourhood. Stating that they are happy to meet at the same table with thousands of citizens, Mayor Zolan wished that this unity and solidarity be permanent and the month of Ramadan passed very good in all aspects in Denizli.
 The traditional neighbourhood fast-breaking program organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality took place in Karahasanlı Neighbourhood. AK Party Denizli Deputy Nilgün Ök, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, his wife Berrin Zolan, AK Party Merkezefendi District President Fatih Durmaz, guests, neighbourhood mukhtar and thousands of citizens attended the iftar dinner held in front of Hilal Mosque. Mayor Zolan and his entourage congratulated the citizens who came to iftar on the Ramadan. Expressing that they are happy to meet thousands of citizens at the same table and wishing for permanent unity and solidarity, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Ramadan passed very well in Denizli in every aspect. We felt that beauty, that spiritual air. We missed it very much. We are together again after two years of pandemic. By meeting with our citizens, we have created an environment to see their demands and requests on the spot and to consult with them. Thankfully, together with our citizens, we have experienced these beautiful days by strengthening our brotherhood following the meaning of Ramadan.
''Let's visit our elders during the feast''
Congratulating the people of Denizli on Ramadan, Mayor Zolan said, ''I hope everyone enjoys the beauty of the holiday with their loved ones. Let's visit our elders. We are grateful to return to the old Ramadan. I thank all my fellow citizens for their participation. There are neighbourhoods where we couldn't go. Please forgive us. I wish a happy holiday to everyone in advance. Let's walk towards better health and happiness together. Let's put our signature under important works together. ''
''We missed it''
Denizli Deputy Nilgün Ök thanked Mayor Zolan for the iftar dinners organized by the Metropolitan Municipality during Ramadan, "I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for giving the dinners of abundance. They set the iftar dinners next to the Kayalık Mosque every day. Also, we came together with our citizens every day in a different neighbourhood. We have missed it for two years. We are spending Ramadan very well. The blessing of the month of Ramadan has a different meaning. We spent the Ramadan very well, and I hope the feast to be the same. I celebrate all our citizens on the Ramadan Feast. ''
The play ''Orta Oyunu'' will be staged tonight
On the other hand, the Ramadan Events with the Metropolitan, held at the Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center of the Metropolitan Municipality, continued with the Ahmet Nuri Çağdaş concert. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Conservatory Turkish Music Choir Conductor Ahmet Nuri Çağdaş gave the citizens an unforgettable night with the beautiful pieces he sang at the Turkish Classical Music concert. Ramadan Events with the Metropolitan will continue on Friday, April 29, at 21.30 with the play ''Orta Oyunu'' prepared by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre.

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