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40,000 basils from the Metropolitan

As part of the Turkey Environment Week events, the Metropolitan Municipality distributed 40 thousand basils to Denizli citizens. Mayor Zolan did sport and distributed basil to the citizens on the Yenişehir Walking Path.
 Denizli will smell of basil
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to raise awareness by drawing attention to environmental awareness in Denizli, organized special events during the Turkey Environment Week celebrated between June 1-7. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality distributed basil flowers, also known as the herald of spring, which gives peace with its scent. The Metropolitan Municipality, which plans to distribute 40 thousand basil flowers in total to the people of Denizli, continues to give basil to citizens in the densely populated areas of the city. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, who frequently participates in the basil distribution programs, made the citizens smile this time on the Yenişehir Walking Path. Mayor Zolan, who attended the event in his tracksuits, accompanied the citizens to the march for a while and then distributed basil. In addition to Mayor Zolan, Deputy Secretary-General Ali Aydın, Head of Parks and Gardens Department Merve Sakarya Serim, and accompanying people attended the program.
Denizli citizens show great interest
Mayor Zolan emphasized that they continue to make Denizli a more livable and environmentally friendly city and create a high level of sensitivity to nature and the environment. Noting that they started to distribute basil to the citizens within the scope of Turkey Environment Week, and they would bring 40 thousand flowers to the citizens, Mayor Zolan said, ''We accompanied our citizens and gave basil to our fellow citizens who wanted on the Yenişehir Walking Path. The intense interest of our citizens made us very happy. I hope to continue working with all our strength for a more livable world. ''

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