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Magnificent August 30 concert from the Metropolitan

Denizli citizens, who participated in the August 30 Victory Day Concert organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, experienced the enthusiasm of the 100th anniversary of the great victory together. Tens of thousands of people from Denizli filled the square and accompanied Fatma Turgut's songs.
 The 100th anniversary of the August 30 Victory Day in Denizli was celebrated with the concert of Fatma Turgut, organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Hours before the concert, the citizens, especially youth, filled the 15 Temmuz Delikliçınar Şehitler Square, eagerly waiting for the famous artist Fatma Turgut to take the stage. Tens of thousands of Denizli residents welcomed the famous singer Fatma Turgut on the stage with applause and cheers. Denizli people lived the 30 August Victory Day to the fullest with Fatma Turgut's magnificent voice and popular songs. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, who was invited to the stage by the artist, greeted those who attended the concert. Mayor Zolan said he was very happy to see so many young people gathered together in the square and welcomed the famous artist Turgut to Denizli. 
Mayor Zolan: ''We will protect our country and our flag forever''
Expressing that today is a special day, Mayor Zolan congratulated the thousands of Denizli residents who filled the square on August 30, Victory Day. Mayor Zolan said, ''Exactly 100 years ago today, the enemy was scattered, our country was freed from the occupation, and we won our independence. If we are here today and live independently and freely, we owe it to our ancestors who gave their lives for their country 100 years ago. We express our gratitude to all our martyrs and veterans, especially our Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic. Together, we will protect this beautiful country and our flag forever. ''
Fatma Turgut: ''A part of me is from Denizli.''
The famous singer Fatma Turgut said her grandmother was from Acıpayam and her grandfather from Çal. Turgut said, '' A part of me is from Denizli. When I was little, I used to come to Denizli a lot. I am happy to be here today. You welcomed us very nicely, thank you very much. '' Taking a selfie with the singer Turgut, Mayor Zolan later presented a pedestal with a Denizli rooster figure to commemorate the day.

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