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Metropolitan provides seed support to farmers

The Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with the Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, completed the certified seed distribution program for farmers. With the project, 4,892 farmers across Denizli received around 1,525 tons of certified wheat, barley and fodder seeds.
Farmers are happy with Metropolitan
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has done dozens of projects to increase production in rural areas and contribute to the development of farmers, has completed the certified grain and forage crop distribution program started a while ago. Within the scope of the project, implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with Denizli Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, 4,892 farmers in 19 districts received 1,525 tons of certified seed support, including wheat, barley, triticale and forage crops. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which also realized the distribution of the grant support started on October 19, delivered the certified seeds with trucks to 19 districts. The farmers, who received 20 kilograms of seeds per hectare, said they were very satisfied with the support and thanked Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, who attaches great importance to rural development.
Farmers are satisfied
Farmer Niyazi Aydın, who participated in the seed distribution program held in the Çivril district, said, ''We received our seeds. I thank everyone who contributed, especially our Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, for the support to farmers. ''İbrahim Dündar said, ''I would like to thank our Mayor Osman Zolan and everyone who contributed. We will make these seeds grow up. We hope it will boost our economy. These seeds will be enough for 5 acres. It will increase every year. Allah blesses everyone involved. ''Adnan Alataş said, ''I would like to thank everyone for this support. We will plant these seeds for the first time. I hope the yield will be good and will support the following years. May Allah blesses all those involved in this project. ''
The support grew with the metropolitan
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan stated that producers are precious to them and drew attention on the food issue, which is very important worldwide. Stating that producers and farmers in Denizli work to make a healthier, more efficient and high-quality production, and as a result, to earn more, Mayor Zolan said that with the metropolitan status won in 2014, the local government has grown the support for the countryside. Noting that the seed support will contribute to the national and the city's economy, Mayor Zolan said, ''I hope the products obtained from these certified seeds will be used as seeds next year. The cost of planting will decrease, and the quality and yield of our farmers will increase even more. As a metropolitan city, we will continue to stand by our farmers and support them. I would like to thank our Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, who did not leave us alone in this project, and everyone who contributed. ''

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