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Vital intervention to the infrastructure in the earthquake zone from Metropolitan DESKİ

Mobilized after the earthquakes that deeply affected Türkiye, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to heal the wounds in the disaster area. In this context, Metropolitan DESKİ teams are solving vitally important urgent infrastructure problems in Hatay, one by one.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which started mobilization after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that shook Türkiye deeply, continues its activities in the earthquake zone without interruption. Equipped with 35 personnel, fully equipped water breakdown repair vehicles and other work machines, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (DESKİ) General Directorate's teams solved vitally important urgent infrastructure problems in Hatay's Antakya and Defne districts right after the earthquake. DESKİ Municipality General Directorate teams performed drinking water pipe fault repair, valve detection and drinking water pipe repair, conducted physical loss search studies in drinking water pipes, flow measurement studies in water tank tubes and pipes potable, connected the water and sewer in showers, kitchens, public institutions and where needed. They provided potable water by tanker, support and maintenance of generators, boreholes and toilet and shower facilities.
Metropolitan DESKİ teams continue work in İskenderun
While the construction machinery and vehicles belonging to Metropolitan DESKİ also play an active role in preparing the burial place, the infrastructure lines of Hatay were integrated into the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Geographical Information System, enabling fast and on-site resolution of the problems. Metropolitan DESKİ teams started their work in Antakya and Defne, as well as in the İskenderun district.
''Together we will heal our wounds''
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that as Metropolitan DESKİ, they work day and night to ensure everyone in the region continues to live healthy lives. Explaining that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is mobilizing for the earthquake with all its means, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our state is mobilizing all its resources for the region, and we, as Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, are working hard with our teams, construction equipment and different vehicles in the region. I hope we will heal our wounds together. May Allah give you strength. ''

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