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More comfortable roads with Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality does the renewing work on İbrahim Cengiz Street, one of the most important roads in the city. Mayor Osman Zolan said they continue the road renewing work in Denizli to make the citizens’ life more comfortable and ensure more safety traffic in the city.
İbrahim Cengiz Street looks great with its new face.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is doing the superstructure renovation work on İbrahim Cengiz Street, where schools are densely located in Gerzele Neighbourhood. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan examined the hot asphalt works carried out on İbrahim Cengiz Street. Mayor Osman Zolan was accompanied by Nuriye Çevni, Head of the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality, Kemal Ermiş, the Mukhtar of Gerzele Neighbourhood, and their entourage. Mayor Osman Zolan chated with the tradesmen and citizens on İbrahim Cengiz Street and wished convenience to the employees here. Mayor Osman Zolan, who later used an asphalt casting machine for a while, noted that with the project, they renewed the road demanded by the citizens, together with its pavements, and made İbrahim Cengiz Street safer and more comfortable.
Traffic safety is at the highest level.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan pointed out that many schools are in the region where they renovated the superstructure, and said: "Our road renovation works continue to facilitate the lives of our citizens and to maximize traffic safety in all four corners of Denizli. "The renovation work of this road will make the traffic more safety in the region. We will continue the renovation work on Değirmenönü Street. May Allah grant us to use it without any incident. Good luck. ''

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