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Soil analysis support to 1700 farmers from the Metropolitan

1.700 producers benefited from the Toprağını Tanı project, initiated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to obtain better quality and more productive products by making the soil analysis. Stating that they have supported the countryside with more than 50 projects to date, Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''We are always near our producers."
 Mayor Zolan said, ''We are always near our producers."
The ''Toprağını Tanı'' project, initiated last year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to support farmers to obtain better quality and efficient products, continues to attract great attention. To date, 1,700 farmers have benefited from the project initiated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in 2022 with a 75 per cent grant to encourage soil analysis, disseminate soil analysis-based fertilization programs, ensure the continuity of safe food production, and prevent contamination of soil-water resources. After analyzing the farmers' fields, data such as the fertilizer requirement rate of the lands, the lack of soil nutrients and the type of fertilization are determined. The soil analysis support continues, and everyone who want to apply for the ''Toprağını Tanı'' project should apply to the District Directorates of Agriculture.
The project was very appreciate by the farmers.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized the importance of conscious agriculture and said that producers should know the soil structure of their lands for better quality and productive products, and for this, they should do the soil analysis. Noting that they have implemented more than 50 projects for farmers and producers, Mayor Zolan said, ''Our Toprağını Tanı'' project continues to attract great interest from our farmers. In the light of scientific data, our farmers who have their field analyzed both obtain higher quality and more efficient products and decrease production costs. May Allah give fruitful crops. We are always with our farmers, our people who produce. ''
Benefits of the Toprağını Tanı Project (Know Your Land project)
• Conscious agriculture is encouraged by detecting the lack of nutrients in the lands of the farmers and suggesting suitable fertilizers for their products.
• By recommending fertilizer in proportion to the need of the land, the producer is prevented from using fertilizers that are below or much more than their needs.
• Product losses caused by under- or over-fertilization are prevented by reducing production costs and encouraging the increase of producers who have analyzed.
• The fertilization program implemented in the areas thought to be unproductive ensure that they can be processed and gained for production.
• Since the amount of fertilizer thrown on the land is determined according to the results of the analysis, the use of fertilizers outside of the need and on time is prevented, preventing the pollution of soil and water resources.
• Reliable healthy food production and consumption is encouraged.

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