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Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the old Honaz road

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality made the 8-kilometer road between Karakurt Neighbourhood and Ovacık Neighbourhood of Honaz District, known as the old Honaz road, safer and more comfortable. Mayor Osman Zolan, who examined the asphalting works, thanked all citizens for their patience and support.
  Metropolitan Municipality continues the asphalt works in the districts.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan examined the asphalting works of the Metropolitan Municipality on the road between Karakurt Neighbourhood of Pamukkale District and Ovacık Neighbourhood of Honaz District, known as the old Honaz road. The Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Aydın, Head of the Department of Technical Affairs Nuriye Çevni and his entourage accompanied Mayor Zolan. Mayor Zolan examined the asphalt pouring on the 8-kilometre-long and 10-meter-wide road and wished good luck to the employees. Mayor Zolan stated that Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to invest in superstructure for safer and more comfortable transportation in the districts.
Safer and more comfortable
Stating that the road that provides transportation between the Ovacık Neighbourhood of the Honaz District, located at the exit of the Honaz Tunnel, which connects the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and the Karakurt Neighbourhood of the Pamukkale District, is deteriorated, and transportation is not safety anymore, Mayor Zolan said, ''We will expand this road with increasing traffic density and make it safer and more comfortable. We made our road the most beautiful to handle the traffic density here. May Allah let us use it without any accidents and provide the best services to Denizli. ''
‘’We work day and night’’
Mayor Zolan continued his speech as follows: ''We work day and night. I thank our citizens for always supporting us. They always show us their love and motivate us to do our best. I thank all our citizens for their patience and support in these works. We continue on our way, working day and night to make good works for our city and not to disappoint our citizens. ''

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