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Visit from AK Party Deputy Chairman Yalçın to Mayor Zolan

AK Party Deputy Chairman Hasan Basri Yalçın, who came to Denizli, visited the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan.
 AK Party Deputy Chairman Hasan Basri Yalçın visited Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan in Denizli, where he came for a series of visits and programs. AK Party Denizli Provincial Chairman Yücel Güngör, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary-General Mustafa Ünal, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Ali Değirmenci, Metropolitan Municipality DESKİ General Manager Niyazi Türlü, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy General Secretary Ali Aydın, Seval Gebeş, Serhat Akbulut and Ömer Faruk Özer and council members attended the visit. Mayor Zolan first introduced Deputy Chairman Yalçın to the works exhibited at the Department of Culture and Social Affairs, including the Denizli Sanjak, Yatağan Palace, Yeşilyuva shoes, Metropolitan Municipality Cultural Publications, and the values specific to the city.
Denizli rooster souvenir photo
Mayor Zolan explained the investments made by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to Deputy Chairman Yalçın and expressed his satisfaction with the visit. AK Party Deputy Chairman Yalçın congratulated Mayor Zolan for his successful work and thanked him for hosting. Deputy Chairman Yalçın, Mayor Zolan and their entourage then took a souvenir photo in front of the glass rooster statue in 15 Temmuz Delikliçınar Şehitler Square.

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