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Great support for amateur sports clubs

For 11 years, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which contributes to nurturing future talents and plays a crucial role in the formation of healthy generations through amateur sports clubs, provided significant support of 7.2 million Turkish liras to 253 sports clubs across the city, including 115 football clubs.
 A massive contribution of 7,200,000 Turkish liras to 253 amateur sports clubs from the Metropolitan Municipality
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continued its support for amateur sports clubs, which play a key role in nurturing future talents and contributing to the formation of a healthy young generation this year as well. In this context, the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Amateur Sports Clubs Financial Aid Ceremony was organized for the 253 amateur sports clubs that participated in leagues and newly established ones during the 2022-2023 season, receiving a total support of 7.2 million Turkish liras. The ceremony took place at the Nihat Zeybekci Congress and Culture Center, with the participation of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Deputy Secretary General Ömer Faruk Özer, Denizli Youth Services and Sports Director Ömer İlman, Denizli Amateur Sports Clubs Federation President Feyyaz Ceşen, representatives of amateur sports clubs, and athletes.
Sports is the essence of life.
In his speech here, Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that youth is a treasure, and as the Metropolitan Municipality, they provide full support to the youth with all available means. Mayor Zolan said, ''We highly value the amateur spirit and amateur sports. Sport means health, discipline, the development of team spirit, and the ability to accept both winning and losing. Sports is the essence of life. For 11 years, we have been making financial contributions to our sports clubs to provide support and enhance their opportunities. Today, our financial support will be extended to 253 clubs. '' Mayor Zolan also highlighted the significance of facility development for the advancement of sports and explained that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they continue their efforts tirelessly in this regard.
Approaching the end of Barrier-Free Sports and Life Center
Highlighting the nearing completion of the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality Barrier-Free Sports and Life Center, which will be one of the most modern facilities in terms of infrastructure in Türkiye, Mayor Zolan said, ''Denizli has become a city to be admired and pointed at. We have undertaken beautiful projects in urban planning and in supporting our youth. We will inaugurate our facility, which includes a sports hall and a swimming pool designed to eliminate physical barriers for our disabled brothers and sisters. Additionally, our Barrier-Free Sports and Life Center, which incorporates education rooms and social areas to enhance the skills of our disabled citizens according to their educational needs, will be proudly opened in a few months. ''
To save one person is worth saving the whole world.
Addressing amateur sports club administrators, Mayor Zolan said, ''We are with you. Being a remedy to your concerns and supporting your efforts is our foremost duty. We have walked together until today, trusting each other. Our club administrators, parents, and athletes who are dedicated to this cause are very valuable to us. Hopefully, hand in hand, we will continue to walk together. If we are together, side by side, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome, no goal we cannot reach. I thank you very much for your selfless efforts in taking care of our youth and preparing them for the future. Saving one person is worth saving the whole world. May Allah grant us the opportunity to accomplish many beautiful things together. I thank everyone who has contributed. ''
Thanks to Mayor Zolan
Denizli Amateur Sports Clubs Federation (ASKF) President Ceşen expressed great happiness at the 11th edition of the Metropolitan Municipality's support program for amateur sports clubs and extended his gratitude to Mayor Zolan for this significant support. Ceşen said, ''This valuable assistance contributes to our children getting acquainted with sports and engaging in sports activities and events. Today is the festival of amateurs. I thank our Mayor and his team for allowing us to experience this festival without distinction between sports disciplines. ''Denizli Youth Services and Sports Director İlman also thanked Mayor Zolan for his consistent support in the development of sports in Denizli. İlman said, ''I express my gratitude to our Mayor. With the support of our Mayor last year, we hosted over 22,000 athletes in our city. Denizli, known as a prominent city in production and industry, is rapidly progressing towards becoming a brand city in sports with these commendable efforts. ''

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