Home News The Metropolitan Fire Brigade Department intervened in the fire at two different locations

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade Department intervened in the fire at two different locations

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department teams intervened in the forest fires that broke out at two different locations in the Pamukkale district. Mayor Çavuşoğlu, who stayed with the fire teams that bravely fought the fire until midnight, closely monitored the disaster as it approached residential areas.
 Mayor Çavuşoğlu closely followed the fire approaching the settlements.
Teams from the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department intervened in the fire in the forest area that broke out at two different locations near residential area in the Pamukkale district. On Thursday, June 6, at around 16:00, fire crews first tackled a fire that erupted in the 100th Year Atatürk Forest near the Akhan neighbourhood. Later in the day, they battled another fire in the forested area between the Shelter Homes and Akvadi Park in the Karşıyaka neighbourhood. Alongside the Forest Regional Directorate teams, the Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department engaged in firefighting efforts with 21 vehicles, including 13 fire trucks, five tankers, three support vehicles, and 55 personnel. Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Bülent Nuri Çavuşoğlu was also present with the fire teams, who were bravely fighting the flames approaching residential areas and factories.
They fought the fire until midnight.
Mayor Çavuşoğlu first examined the fire extinguishing efforts with the aerial observation drone from the fire brigade mobile command vehicle in Akhan Neighbourhood and then came to the second fire point between the Shelter Houses and Akvadi Park and received information. The Head of Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, Murat Başlı stated that they moved some of the team to the second fire point and explained the extinguishing efforts. Mayor Çavuşoğlu wished good luck to the teams who fought the fire intensively until midnight and said, ''Our Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department teams, together with the Regional Directorate of Forestry teams, fought to control the fire in a selfless and disciplined manner. Our biggest consolation was that there was no loss of life. I would like to thank all our teams wholeheartedly. ''

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