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Free Denizli Municipality Sıla Concert

Sıla came together with fans on 19th May – The Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. Thousand of people from 7 to 70 participated in the concert.
19th May – The Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day was celebrated with various activities. Activities had begun with placing the wreath to Atatürk Monument in front of Denizli Governorship, had continued in Atatürk Stadium and finished with the concert of Sıla at Çınar Square.
During this concert all roads to the Çınar Square were closed to traffic. İstiklal Street, Lise Street, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and Atatürk Street were filled by Sıla’s fans. Denizli Governor Yavuz Erkmen and Mayor of Denizli Municipality Nihat Zeybekci were among viewers.
The holiday excitement reached a peak, when Sıla appeared on the scene. Thousands of citizens participated in various activities and animation which as organized by Denizli Municipality organization. People came together in Sıla concert.
After the concert Governor Erkmen and Mayor Zeybekci came on the stage and addressed the youth. Mayor Zeybekci warned Sıla’s fans for congestion. Mayor Zeybekci saw, that a lot of young people climbed dangerous high places to watch the Sıla concert. He requested the youth to come down from trees and fountains. He stated that it’s your holiday and you would like to spend this holiday with enjoyment, but don’t climb on dangerous high places. Sıla, as we know, is rare and precious artist from Denizli, on this holiday we wanted Sıla come together with you. Atatürk presented this Holiday to youth, Happy Holiday to all of you!
Governor Erkmen also congratulated all youth with this holiday. Afterwards governor Erkmen and mayor Zeybekci gave flowers to the popular artist Sıla.

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