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Concert in memory of Özay Gönlüm

Özay Gönlüm artist of Turkish Folk Music was commemorated on the 11th anniversary of his death by Denizli Municipality.
Özay Gönlüm artist of Turkish Folk Music was commemorated by voice and instrumental artists of Denizli Municipal Conservatory. Şamil Çınar deputy mayor and many guests took part in the concert which was held at Municipal Art Center. Özay Gönlüm within the Presentation of Turkey gave concerts in many world countries and composed more than 4 thousand folk tunes. He gave great service to folk music. Life of an artist was shown to viewers in cinevision before the concert. Many beautiful folk songs were performed by artists under the direction of İsmail Barkan conductor of Folk Music Choir of Municipal Concervatory. At the end of the concert Şamil Çınar presented a plaque to Osman Gönlüm the nephew of the artist and conductor İsmail Barkan. Gönlüm with his folk songs has left a pleasant sound in the people hearts and he is loved throughout Turkey. He is a valuable artist and nobody can take his place. Denizli Municipality is doing everything possible to nurture future artists as Özay Gönlüm.

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