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Great Concert by Artist Hakalmaz

Within the Merkezefendi Traditional Medicine Festival organized by Zeytinburnu, Denizli Municipalities and Pamukkale University brought Orhan Hakalmaz together with his fans.
Thousands of people showed great interest in the concert which was held at Delikliçınar Square. The square was filled before the start of the concert. The Festıval excitement reached a peak, when Orhan Hakalmaz appeared on scene. Famous artist performed for fans beautiful folk songs of various regions of Turkey. Thousands of citizens participated in various activities within Medicine Days. People came together in Hakalmaz concert. After 3-hours concert Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Municipality and Murat Aydın Mayor of Zeytinburnu Municipality came on the stage and addressed the citizens. Mayor Zolan stated that this concert is a gift for Denizli's citizens from Zeytinburnu Municipality and thanked Mayor Aydın and Orhan Hakalmaz. Mayor Aydın stated that from this year Medicine Festival will be held in Denizli too. Concert was appreciated by audience.

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