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81st Anniversary Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s visit to Denizli

Denizli Municipality within 81st Anniversary Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s visit to Denizli celebration program has organized Turkish Classical Music Concert.
Denizli Municipality organized concert at EGS Congress and Culture Center. Halil İbrahim Ertekin assistant governor, Mayor Osman Zolan, Ziya Tıkıroğlu former mayor, members of protocol and many art lovers participated in the concert. Favorite songs of Great Leader were performed by Conservatory Choir under the direction of conductor Selim Öztaş. At the first part of the concert, 11 favorite songs of Atatürk were performed by Choir. At the second part of the concert, popular songs, which were written and composed in the last 25-30 years were performed. Güz Gülleri song, composed by Selim Öztaş was acclaimed by audience. In the last part of the concert, Güldefem Terun artist of TRT İzmir Radio took the stage. She presented to viewers an unforgettable musical feast.
At the end of the concert, Mayor Zolan and Halil İbrahim Ertekin presented flowers to Selim Öztaş and Güldefem Terun. Mayor Zolan noted, that Great Leader gave a great importance to art and artist. Denizli Municipality will continue to support to art and artists. Next year, this period we will commemorate anniversary Atatürk's visit to Denizli in larger concert halls.
Ertekin stated that during the 81 years, Denizli took a great distance. Atatürk expressed Denizli as large village. Today Denizli with its model progress in many areas that Atatürk wished to see. Denizli achieved great success in many areas, also in the field of art. With this concert, Denizli Municipality showed us an example of the success.

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