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Amazing Concert from Denizli Municipality

Gökçe and Kolpa came together with fans on 29th October - Republic Day.
Denizli Municipality has added another free activity to its cultural and art activities. Thousands of people attended the concert at Çınar Square. Mayor Osman Zolan, Governor Abdülkadir Demir, Nihat Zeybekci Member of Parliament have shared the joy of the Republic Day with citizens. During this concert all roads to the Çınar Square were closed to traffic. Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard and Atatürk Street and Lise Street were filled by fans.
Mayor Zolan in his speech congratulated all citizens with Republic Day and addressed to young people. 'Republic, with your efforts will stand forever ever and ever. Turkish Flag will wave in the sky forever and our Republic will live forever. Henceforth, Republic Day will be celebrated with more enthusiasm. Our Republic and Denizli in 2023 year on the 100th anniversary of Republic will be in a better position. You will do it, you will succeed.'
Nihat Zeybekci: 'Republic means respect. I thank and commemorate everyone, especially Atatürk and his comrades who served this coutry and this flag. I also thank Denizli Municipality for this concert.'
Governor started his speech with the words of Great Atatürk, which was addressed to youth: 'You are the rising next generation, you are the future. We have established the Republic, and you will make and raise it.' Every point of Denizli is equipped with Turkish Flag. We congratulate all citizens with this holiday.'
The holiday excitement reached a peak, when Kolpa appeared on the scene. The audience was enraptured by the beautiful songs. Songs and stage performance of Gökçe captivated the audience.
Kolpa Group and Gökçe thanked Mayor Zolan for this organization.
After concert, Osman Zolan and Nihat Zeybekci presented flowers and plaques to artists.
Concert lasted approximately 3 hours and ended with fireworks show.

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