Kayhan Tube Tunnel

Denizli Municipality put into service the Kayhan tube tunnel which is built for safety traffic and overland highways.
Denizli Municipality, Department of Civil Services put into service the crossing on Denizli-Antalya highway which has 405 meters lenght after all incompletes had been completed.
Kayhan tube tunnel is the first tunnel in Denizli. It provides the traffic fluency. The Department of Civil Services worked in a coordinated with other relevant directorates during construction phase. After completion of the infrastructure and superstructure, direction signs and necessary warnings were placed on the intercity highways. And the warning labels and arrows which show the bridge crossing were drawn on asphalt.
Kayhan tube tunnel was put into service, after all incompletes have been completed and after trial transtions. The first half hour average 5 vehicles per minute drove through tunnel to Kayhan. So, thousands of cars will not wait at the red light. Meanwhile, pedestrian crossings were also highlighted for safety.


Kayhan Tube Tunnel which is planned Denizli Municipality’s engineers and architects is consists of 3 lines for each road. It doesn’t narrow the Denizli-Antalya highway. Its length is 405 meters. 110 meters of tunnel’s lengths is designed for transition from round closed area which expresses as tube tunnel. 150 meters are the entrance ramps of tunnel and 85 meters are the exit ramps of tube tunnel. Pass way of vehicles and height of closed cross-section are 5 meters. The tunnel has two-sided lighting. Also tunnel has infrastructure of drinking water, rain drainages and sewage systems which have 1400 meters. The sidewalks are expanded with cobblestones for pedestrians. Kayhan Tube Tunnel cost 1.350.000 thousand YTL.

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