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The Best Youth Assembly in Turkey

Youth Assembly of Denizli Municipality was selected the Best Youth Assembly in Turkey.
Denizli Municipality has added another success. Delegates from 81 provinces participated in 5th Plenary Session of National Youth Parliament which was organized in Kuşadası-Aydın between 30 September and 4 October. Studies conducted by the Youth Council have won recognition.
Youth Assembly of Denizli's City Council as a result of a democratic election was selected ‘Turkey's Best Youth Assembly 2008-2009’ by votes of jury which consisted of Mustafa Dırık Advisor of Minister of State, İrfan Çöllüoğlu from Turkey Statistical Institute, Sadun Emrealp Turkey Coordinator of Local Agenda 21th Program, Leyla Şen Manager of Democratic Governance Programme of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and votes of delegates of National Youth Parliament.

Denizli’s Youth Assembly’s EU projects, 'Let the fruit seeds turn into trees' project, trainings on information and personal development and especially 'Hand in Hand for Education' project were shown as an example for local youth councils. Gender equality and democratic participation in Youth Assembly's studies won delegates of National Youth Parliament's approval.
Also the workshops on heading 'UPG Study Policies, UGP 2009-2010 Work Plan,  Contributions to Holistic Youth Policy, Institutionalization of the City Council's Youth Assemblies, UGP and Sustainability of Youth Assembly, UGP Studies and New Ideas and CS/ÜS studies’ were held.
At the same time all studies of Youth Assemblies in the years of 2008-2009 were assessed at the meeting of Plenary Session.

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