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The Greenest Municipality

From 2947 municipalities Denizli Municipality was selected the most Environmental Municipality by the Ministry of Forestry and Environment. The new target of our municipality is to make Denizli the most environmental, the most beautiful and most modern municipality in the world.
Positive responses continue to come from several non-governmental organizations, chambers, associations and public institutions. Many institutions and representatives of non-governmental organizations expressed their satisfaction of living within the boundaries of the Greenest Municipality.

Denizli is the Pearl of Turkey

Denizli has become the model city with its beauty and environment not only in Aegean region but in all of Turkey. Now Denizli is a Pearl of Turkey. Many people visit Denizli to see our environmentally successful projects. I thank the Ministry for their support. Our goal is to become number one in European and around the world.

Why Denizli is environmentally friendly?

Denizli Municipality in all projects tries to protect Environmental sensitivity. All projects related to Solid Waste Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Housing Areas, open space areas, parks, gardens, forests were implemented with environmental protection. A lot of meetings on environment were organized in schools, streets and cafes.
The biggest support for environment came from Women, Youth and Children Assemblies. Women Assembly implemented the project of using the cloth bag instead of nylon bag and Youth Assembly cleared the forests. Thousands of children planted thousand of saplings and they became the example to everyone.

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