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Health Award to Denizli Municipality

Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, which organized 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest awarded Denizli Municipality in category of health.
Healthy Cities Association of Turkey, which organized 'Healthy Cities 2011 The Best Practice' Contest awarded Denizli Municipality in category of health. The 7th Conference of Healthy Cities Association' was hosted at Anemon Hotel in Eskişehir. 15th Ordinary Council Meeting of Healthy Cities Association was held before the ceremony. Yılmaz Büyükerşen Mayor of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Osman Zolan Mayor of Denizli Municipality, Mustafa Altın deputy mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bülent Tanık Mayor of Çankaya Municipality, Ahmet Ataç Mayor of Tepebaşı Municipality, Mustafa Bozbey Mayor of Nilüfer Municipality, many members of protocol and guests were among the attendees of the meeting. 2020 Healthy Policy Presidents Session was organized after opening speeches at the meeting, hosted by Tepebaşı Municipality. Session was moderated by Ron Gould former mayor of Liverpool Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Osman Zolan briefed about investments, which were gained to the city by Denizli Municipality during the past 7 years.

Winners of contest were awarded with plaques. Denizli Municipality participated in the contest with 'Live Active Exercise Be Healthy' Project. A total of 45 projects of 18 Municipalities were examined. In the evaluation, Denizli Municipality, as well as the 3 municipalities was awarded.

Mayor Zolan pointed out the importance of the award. Today we received a very meaningful award. We are awarded with Health Award from Healthy Cities Association. We can't put any value on health and we are doing our best to maintain a healthy lifestyle of our people. Denizli is moving rapidly towards the new infrastructure, drinking water, cleaning of dirty water, regular storage of solid waste, open space areas and prevention of air pollution. This has also been registered by Healthy Cities Association. We will do everything possible to make our city more livable. On behalf of the city, I am proud to have received this award.
Healthy cities have a goal for the year 2020. We want to realize many events and projects by 2020. Until then we will take important steps.

Meanwhile, people showed great interest to Denizli Municipality's stand. Many participants received information about the health, and measured height and weight. All guests, who visited Denizli's stand, received Denizli Folk Songs CD, magazines, printed by municipality and various gifts.

Ministry of Health, Basic Health Services General Manager Seracettin Çom also visited Denizli Municipality. He praised 'Live Active Exercise Be Healthy' Project. He stated that this project would be an example for the whole Turkey. ‘I heartly congratulate Municipality. I was very excited and glad when I reviewed this project. Also this project promotes people to a healthy lifestyle. Each side of the city is full of open space areas and exercise equipment.

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