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Double pride of Metropolitan

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which successfully fought against forest fires in Denizli and the surrounding provinces, received the ''Certificate of Appreciation'' from the Ministry of Interior and Denizli Governorship.
 Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Interior and the Governorship of Denizli
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Regional Forestry Directorate and AFAD Denizli Provincial Directorate teams, which successfully fought against the intense forest fires in Denizli and the surrounding provinces, received a certificate of appreciation. Denizli Governor Ali Fuat Atik, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan, Head of Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department Murat Başlı, Forest Regional Director Erhan Çetinkaya and AFAD Denizli Provincial Director Ali Etiz and their invitees attended the program held at Denizli Governorship. Denizli Governor Atik presented a certificate of appreciation to the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, Forest Regional Directorate and AFAD Denizli Provincial Directorate teams, who participated in the fire extinguishing and cooling activities. Governor Atik also presented the certificate of appreciation sent by the Ministry of Interior with the signature of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan.
Governor Atik: ''Denizli became one of the exemplary provinces in Turkey''
Thanking the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan in his speech here, Denizli Governor Atik said, ''I would like to express my gratitude to both you and your staff for your efforts. You made us proud. Thankfully, you brought the fires under control before they grew in Denizli. Thank you to every one of you. You made us happy. As Denizli, we have become one of the exemplary provinces in Turkey. This success is yours. ''Emphasizing that the teams are working hard, Governor Atik said, ''May Allah bless you. Our Metropolitan Municipality also helped the surrounding provinces and districts. Despite our limited team here, we achieved this success. ''
We revealed Denizli's difference
Noting that Denizli has a good infrastructure against fire and disasters, Governor Atik continued his speech as follows: ''We have a good infrastructure. May Allah blesses you. The work of Metropolitan Municipality revealed Denizli's difference. Our Metropolitan Municipality fire department is always on duty in fighting against disasters. "Our teams from the Regional Directorate of Forestry did not have any shortcuts about supply. Thanks to the hydrant system that our Metropolitan Municipality planned on time and put in our villages, we could provide water supply easily. ''
Mayor Zolan, ''A good collaboration was demonstrated''
Mayor Osman Zolan said that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they work in great harmony with all teams in forest fires both in Denizli and outside the city. Mayor Osman Zolan said, ''Our forestry organization, fire department and AFAD responded immediately to forest fires in cooperation. We extinguished the fires before they got bigger. ''Stating that he and Governor Atik were constantly on the field, Mayor Zolan said, ''We had to be there both in terms of morale and administration. It was an example of cooperation. Our fire brigade also supported the extinguishing of the fires in Marmaris and Manavgat. ''Stating that the certificates of appreciation provided morale and motivation, Mayor Zolan said, ''May Allah keeps us away from these disasters.  We need to cooperate in every aspect. ''
The best thanks to our citizens
Stating that the citizens also showed a great example of sacrifice and struggle during forest fires, Mayor Zolan continued his speech as follows, ''The best thanks are to our citizens, who have supported us in every way. We had citizens whose vehicles burned, and one of our forestry brothers was injured. When our vehicles were damaged while reaching steep places during the fire, our mechanic shopkeepers in that district repaired our vehicle. When we offered a price, our esteemed citizens did their best to say, 'This is our support, this is what we can do. I can support the country and the forest in this way. These are the values that make us who we are. We fought together with our citizens and all our institutions. ''

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