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New Bus Terminal in Denizli

The construction of new bus terminal complex will begin after bidding, which will be held on July 29. The bus terminal location is ready for construction.
Denizli Municipality has put out a tender for the new terminal complex. Construction of Terminal Complex will be awarded by open tender procedure according to Article 19 of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734.
Terminal will be built on 110000 square meters area and will be put into operations after 600 working days. The terminal tender will be held on July 29 2011/ Friday at 2.30 pm at Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality's service building, located on Mehmet Akif Ersoy District/29 Ekim Boulevard.

Information about tender:
a) quality, type and amount: 110.000.00 m2 terminal construction on 32.000.00 m2 parcel. b) Location: Topraklık District, Turan Güneş Street- İzmir Boulevard Center/Denizli; c) Date of commencement: Within 5 days from the date of signing contract; d) Duration of work: during 600 calendar days.

Requirements for participation to tender and documents: a) According to legislation, document of registration in Trade and / or Chamber of Industry, or Chamber of Trade or Trade Association
b) In cases of natural persons, document of registration to trade and/or industry chambers or craftsmen and artisans chambers or any concerning chambers during the year in which the tender has been announced,
c) In cases of legal persons, according to concerning regulations document of registration to trade and/or industry chambers during the year in which the tender has been announced
d) Declaration of Signature or Signature Circular, which authorized to bid.
e) Notarized signature statement for natural person.
f) In case of a legal person,Trade Registry Gazette, showing partners, members, or founders and officials of legal entity. In case of lack of details, Trade Registry Gazettes, or documents, showing all issues and notarized authorized signatory list legal persons.
g) Local and foreign natural and legal persons can participate in tender.
Interested parties who require more information about the tender, can contact necessary authorities from Denizli Municipality. Also can reach details from Denizli Municipality's official web site
www. denizli.bel.tr/eng

+90 (258) 280 20 20     +90 (258) 280 29 99     denizli@denizli.bel.tr