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Mayor Zolan gave the good news

Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave the good news that in the first week of March the Intercity Bus Terminal, one of the biggest projects in the history of Denizli will be opened. Mayor Zolan, ''We've completed the Intercity Bus Terminal, which will mark the Denizli's future. We have implemented a large project very important for the city, ''he said.

One of Turkey's largest transport complex, Denizli Intercity Bus Terminal was completed. Examining the terminal's final arrangements together with his team, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave the good news that the Denizli Intercity Bus Terminal will be inaugurated in the first week of March. 
Stating that the growing Denizli needs major projects to be implemented and in this scope the Intercity Bus Terminal Project, one of the biggest projects in the Denizli's history has been almost completed, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''We have implemented a very important and large project that fits Denizli and its citizens. An important project for Denizli's future, the Intercity Bus Terminal will be one of Turkey's largest transportation complex. With this terminal we'll see together the Denizli's future achievements, ''he said.

Here will be the heart of Denizli
Stating that Denizli will win both a new living area as well as a commercial center, Mayor Zolan, ''This place will be opened 24 hours uninterrupted. This place will be the meeting place for thousands of people everyday that's why all the needs and the demands of the people will be met. Planning this project we've thought of everything. Here will be the Denizli's heart of trade, ''he said.

Will be opened in the first week of March
Stating that the final preparations were done, Mayor Zolan, ''''After two years of uninterrupted works we have finally nearing the end. Together with the train station the Intercity Bus Terminal will bring an amazing change in the region and will provide an integrity transportation for people. The terminal building is very important for a city. Here is the place where people take the first step when arriving in the city. This is why we made the terminal building to fit Denizli. In addition, this place will provide a comfortable transportation for citizens to all our districts, towns and villages. This place is distinguished as the largest building which was built until now in Denizli's history. With a car park for 600 vehicles it will meet the parking needs of the region. We are planning to inaugurate this place in the first week of March. This project will be an example to Turkey, "he said.

A new living area
Terminal Project was built on an area of 32.000 on three levels. Complex built on 15 floors will be used for various purposes and as business center. At the first down floor of the terminal will be the incoming - outgoing passengers gates within the province the the gates for intercity coming passengers. At the down floor will be tickets sales places and buffets. The 1st floor has been designed as eating, drinking and landscaping area. With the 16 thousand square meters Denizli Intercity Bus Terminal is a full rich of green space.

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