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Construction of Karşıyaka Sheltered Market Place

Mayor Osman Zolan kept his word, which gave to residents of Karşıyaka district. The construction of Anafartalar Community Center will be completed after 2 month.
Citizens who reside in Karşıyaka district and its surroundings will not affected from sun in summer and rain in winter. During the month of Ramadan Mayor Zolan met with residents of Karşıyaka district. During the meeting, residents had opportunity to present own views and suggestions. All requests were evaluated. Denizli Municipality began construction of sheltered market place in the shortest time.
Contractor is obtained the contract after tendering Karşıyaka Sheltered Market Place project by Civil Services Department of Denizli Municipality.
Mayor Zolan has examined the construction on site and talked with district's residents. Construction of market place is the one of 77 Giant projects of Denizli Municipality. Also different projects will be presented to residents. They will be implemented as soon as possible.
Karşıyaka Sheltered Market place has 3800 m2 areas. 18 stores and 168 market stands will give service to the citizens at sheltered market place. Total cost of the construction is 1.583.000 TL. After 2 month's works sheltered market place will open to use for citizens.

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