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Great Service for Sports from Denizli Municipality

Denizli Municipality is preparing to put into service for citizens Traditional Turkish Sports Complex of international standards.
The construction of Sports Complex, implemented by Civil Services Department is continuing in full swing. Construction begun approximately 9 months ago and 70 percent of the Complex has been realized. It is located on 80000 square meters area and has 2 grandstands, with a total capacity of 6000-seats. In addition, javelin, arrow and equestrian sports competitions will be held there. The lower part of Complex is the field of 26 different branches of athletics such as javelin, shot put, hammer and running; which was built according to International Athletics Federation (IAAF) standards. Complex has 3000-seats grandstand, administrative building and special field for horses, called manege. Meanwhile, Sport Center has parking lot on 7500 square meters area.

All works relevant to paving and concrete works are completed. There is 7800 square meters area of green running track. Construction of parking are completed and was put into service for citizens. Landscaping and open space area studies of Complex will be completed within 3 months and will be put into service.

It's our gift for Denizli

Mayor Osman Zolan conveyed information about Sports Complex. As is known, Turkish Vision Festival is held in Denizli. In the near future Denizli will host Turkish Sports Games Festival. We are making large investments in order to reach this goal. A large part of the compex is completed. The remaining part of the complex will be completed as soon as possible. Our aim is to develop and spread sporting in Denizli; to provide opportunity for citizens to do sport. In addition we want to make Denizli the capital of culture. We will achieve of this goal. In the meantime, the complex wiil be open for use to meet the needs of citizens outside of festivals and competitions periods.

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