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Free Sports Courses from Denizli Municipality

Denizli Municipality is opening free sports schools for children in 18 different branches.
For the beginning of registration, a grand ceremony was organized at Çınar Square with the participation of athletes of all branches. Mayor Osman Zolan, MPs Nihat Zeybekci, Nurcan Dalbudak, Bilal Uçar, President of Denizli Belediyespor Club Ruhşan Uzanoğlu and administrators, athletes, who participated in the courses and their families, attended the ceremony.
Participants of the course had the opportunity to show what they have learned. Children played chess and women made Pilates. The show of taekwondo athletes was breathtaking and gymnasts have presented the audience how talented they are. Mayor, Zeybekci, Dalbudak, Uçar and Uzunoğlu have conversed with athletes and have participated in sports games.

Sports activities for 10 000 People
Mayor Zolan stated that Denizli Municipality wants to provide opportunity to children and young people to do sports. ‘The past summer about 10 000 people participated in the sports activities. Our goal is to provide the opportunity to make sport not only professionally, but also in an amateur way. We are proud and honor that parents of the children rely and believe on us. We have created sports habit for life. We are doing our best for wellbeing of future generations.
Through sport you will be more disciplined. Sport will develop the team spirit; you wıll be more successful in the future. Sports courses are free of charge. Ttrack suits and all sport equipments are given by Denizli Municipality. We love you very much and you are our future.
Our goal is to provide sports activities for all Denizli citizens. Today we are opening the new season of sport.’
Nihat Zeybekci: 'Before 2004, children were forced to play on streets. Today there are hundreds of basketball and valeyball courts. We want to make the people from 7 to 70 participated in sports activities. If we do not build sports facilities, where our children will be able do sports, they will tend toward the the wrong places. Then we have to complain about. So I want all parents to send their children to free courses. Sport provides health, peace, brotherhood and success.’
Nurcan Dalbudak: «With the increasing number of athletes in Denizli, our city will have a bright future in the sports area. These courses will lead to the emergence of great success in the future. In this sense I congratulate Denizli Municipality. Children, who involved in sports and art, will also be successful in lessons. Future generation is very strong. Our future will be much more powerful and successful. I invite all children to participate in free sports courses.'
Bilal Uçar stated that Denizli is more lucky compared other provinces. 'Sports activities in Denizli more active than in other provinces. Approximately 100 basketball and valleyball courts were built aand put into service for children by Denizli Municipality. Now Municipality organizes free sports courses. Children and youth gain the opportunity to do sport in different branch of sport. Denizli will have many champions in future competitions and you will the champions. I congratulate Denizli Municipality for this project.'

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