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Women doing Pilates and living a healthier life

Mayor Osman Zolan attended free courses Pilates and has presented tracksuits to 3000 women.
Women show great interest to the Pilates courses, which continuing with five Pilates trainers. Participants of the courses have the opportunity to live a healthier life. Tracksuits were distributed to 3000 participants of the courses.
Zolan Mayor said that a healthy lifestyle and life plan begins with a healthy body and brain. A healthy way of life goes through the sport. We offer all possibilities who want to do sports. Our aim is to give our people opportunity to live in happier and more peaceful environment. Sport means healthy lifestyle, teamwork and design of life. Municipality organizes sports courses in 18 different branches. Thousands of people participate in our courses.
In the meantime 61-year-old Muazzez Özkan said that she found healthy life in this course and thanked Mayor for course and tracksuit. Some women said within 3 months they had lost 20 kg by doing Pilates. Women invite all women to do Pilates.

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