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Everyone will learn to swim

Mayor Osman Zolan: 'Denizli Municipality begins to build swimming pools for everyone, particularly for women and children.'
Mayor visited ladies during the Pilates course, organized by Denizli Municipality within 'I Love My Family' project. He gave to participants of courses the tracksuits and gave the good news about the building of swimming pools. Bidding was done for construction of swimming pool at Kayıhan District. 'We will implement a beautiful projects. We need to do sports in order to be healthy in both mind and physically. We create sport facilities and we will begin construction of a new facility. Bidding was held for construction of swimming pool and will complete within 9 months. Everyone will have opportunity to swim here. We will launch a campaign about learning our children to swim. Everyone will learn to swim.'
In the meantime, ladies thanked mayor for Pilates course, swimming pool and tracksuits.

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