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Denizli Hosted Balkan Championship

Organized by Denizli Municipality and made for the first time international the championship that took place on the Athletic Field of Traditional Sport Games Complex received a full score from the athletes. At Denizli Municipality Sport Toto in the Sports Complex on the Olympic Athletics Course the Balkan Youth Athletics Championships which lasted two days have struggled 350 athletes from 8 countries.
Denizli Municipality Traditional Sports Games Complex Athletics Course hosted in weekend the Balkan Youth Athletics Championships. Turkey's team ranking was men first and women the second in the championship where 350athletes from 8 countries have struggled.
Coming to championship every two days, watching part of the competitions and participating to award ceremonies Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan, ''Denizli has become renowned around the Turkey in many issues and it's progressing step by step towards becoming a sports center, too. One of the important steps in the construction of this facility completed last year. Hosting for the first time an international championship, at this facility 350 athletes from all over the Europe struggled with each other. This also means recognition of the name of Denizli, "he said.
An international organization is performed for the first time and each athlete had words of praise for the facility expressed Mayor Zolan, ''This facility considered to international standards was made in cooperation with Ministry of Youth and Sports. Construction began during the time when our deputy Nihat Zeybekçi was mayor and this facility built on 85 acres became the pride of Denizli. I extend my gratitude to our deputy Mr. Nihat Zeybekçi for their efforts. All these investments for Denizli's sport to be at the forefront. We want to get to the heart of this sports facility in Denizli. Here sports activities will continue to increase. We as a municipality are trying to provide all kinds of opportunities to create a healthy society. We try to provide the possibility for everyone in Denizli
who says I want to do sports. I believe Denizli in sport as well as in other issues is a city that will be shown by finger. In the coming years we are ready to do whatever is necessary for the realization of large organizations here. 350 athletes from eight countries met with beauties of Denizli. About the organization, about facilities,about people there were only very beautiful words. This makes us happy. Hearing all of this our tiredness pass. It means that we're doing good things. Denizli, having the occasion to organize such a championship I would like to thank to everyone who contributed. Turkey's team ranking was men first and women the second in the championship that made us proud, too. I would like to thank to all our athletes and masters for made us proud of them, "he said.
Voicing that Denizli signed for a very important organization the President of Turkey Athletics Federation Mehmet Terzi congratulated the Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan for gaining the Turkish Athletics with this facility. Described as a perfect facility Uzun, ''Congratulations to our mayor because he had gained such a facility in Turkey. This place will be the pride of our country, "he said.

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