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Good News About Football Field And Park In Ilbade District

The iftar meals held by Denizli Municipality continue to be the address of peace, tolerance and charity. Participating in the iftar programme held in Ilbade Neighborhood, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave the good news that in the neighborhood will be done a football field and a park.

The abundance, peace and joy of Ramadan shared by iftar meals on the street continues to meet thousands of Denizli's citizens. Denizli Municipality which established iftar dinners every day during Ramadan in a different neighborhood this time iftar dinner was in Ilbade Neighborhood. Attending the dinner together with his wife Berrin Zolan, Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan was welcomed here with great interest, too. Celebrating individual the citizens together with his wife, in the speech he took after the call to prayers(Ezan) voice shared the feelings of unity,  brotherhood and solidarity and expressed his happiness to be in the Ilbade Neighborhood.
Sharing the feelings of unity, brotherhood and solidarity of the ıftar meals on the street, Mayor Zolan pointed out , ''Ramadan meals from neighborhoods is an important opportunity to meet with you. This activity contributes to vanishing culture of the Ramadan in neighborhoods. To be here with you at the same table and opening our fasts together with you gives us a great pleasure. Ilbade Neighborhood had met this year with natural gas. I hope this winter you will start to use it. There won't be anymore problems like worrying for the tube, caring the coal pail. You will experience the comfort of natural gas. Use it well, ''he said.
Mayor Zolan shared a good new in his speech. Giving the good news that in Ilbade Neighborhood, in the area known as sand hill, a football field and a park will be done, Mayor Zolan, ''I am extremely happy especially because I know our teenager and our children will be the happiest for this new. In the area known as sand hill we'll make a football field. Just near it we planned to make a park for our children, for the neighborhood residents to spend their time. I would like to say in advance get the best for the football field and the park. I'm celebrating you in advance for the Ramadan Feast and the Kadir Night. In the 1st day of holiday at 13:30o'clock we'll be in Çınar Square. I'm inviting all of you to feast greetings. I would like to thank all of you for your interest in and the warm welcome you showed us today, ''he said.

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