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In Denizli Women are Doing Pilates and Live Healthy

Denizli Municipality's support for sport continues in full speed. Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan offered tracksuits to women participating in the free pilates courses. Stating that 6000 women has attended the free pilates courses, Mayor Zolan said: ''We are very happy that women from Denizli do sport and want to have a healthy lifestyle and I thank them for showing a great interest in our courses. ''

Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan offered tracksuits to 6000 women participating in the pilates courses organized by municipality. Mayor Zolan started the day by visiting places where pilates courses take place. At Mehmet Akif Ersoy Study Center, Synthetic Ice Rinks, Fatih Study Center and Anafartalar Study Center Mayor Zolan met with the pilates trainees and thanked the women for attending the courses. In the speech he took here Mayor Zolan expressed his happiness and I thank the women for showing a great interest in these courses.

'There is nothing more important in life than health'

'There is nothing more important in life than health. We are ready to provide all kinds of opportunities for everyone who wan to do sports. '' Mayor Zolan said as it follows: ''Our women are very valuable. Everything we do is less for you. You who are near us every moment. Because you deserve more, since 2 years we are organizing these courses for you. Everyone received them with great interest. The experts said that after a certain age all women should practice sport for their health. ''

In 2 years over 15 thousands women attended the free pilates courses

Stating that pilates courses are held in 14 places in the city, Mayor Zolan said: ''At the moment there are 6 thousands women who active attend the pilates courses. Until today over 15 thousand women attended the courses. As it is known we have entered into Guinness Book of Records for doing pilates with a participation of 3 thousand 486 women. We want everyone to be healthy, peacefully and happy in Denizli. Today we opening a new season. Our courses will continue to increase their activities, "he said.

We'll open swimming courses for women

Mayor Zolan gave a good new to the women: ''A month later, we'll finish the construction of a new indoor swimming pool. There we'll also start giving free swimming courses for women, young people and for our children. We want to provide opportunities for everyone. We want to give the opportunity to do sports to everyone who want to do sports in different branches. Because sport is health, peace of mind and develop the team spirit. This is why everyone should do sports, ''he said.

Mayor Zolan has also visited the study centers and met with the students from there. He spoke with them for a while and wished them success in their classes. Children gave their drawing works to Mayor Zolan as a gift.

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