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In 8 months Kayıhan provided training to 12,500 people

Kayıhan Swimming Pool, opened last March by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, provided swimming training to 12,500 people in 8 months. Opened free of charges for citizens, Kayıhan Swimming Pool provided free swimming training to 2,500 people in every training period.

Opened in March, 2014 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's Kayıhan Swimming Pool served for thousands of people to do frequently and free sports in a modern facility. In the first 8 months of the opening of Kayıhan Swimming Pool was recorded a total of 12,500 people who attended the free classes offered here regularly. Serving with 6 expert coaches, facility provides swimming courses to children between 6-15 years, adult women, adult men and to people with disabilities in 4 training groups. Facility also provide free swimming courses to people who know swimming but who want to practice it as a sport.  In one training period of 6 weeks 2,500 people benefited from the Kayıhan Swimming Pool free swimming courses. Since it was opened, 12,500 people benefited from the free courses provided by the Kayıhan Swimming Pool. Free courses will continue within the Winter Sports School.

''Everyone will know to swim''

Stating that free swimming courses were attended more that it was expected since the facility was opened, Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan, ''We started this project with the slogan 'Everyone will know to swim' and we've got further than we expected. Since the Kayıhan Swimming Pool opened, 12,500 people have benefited from its services. We want everyone in Denizli to know to swim, ''he said. Mayor Zolan, ''Our free courses continue in 25 different branches. We will continue to increase our services in order to Denizli's citizens to practice sports in modern and quality facilities, ''he said.

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