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Free Theater from Denizli Municipality

On 27th March –World Theatre Day, Denizli Municipality got together theatergoers with ‘Great Circumcision Feast’ (‘Büyük Sünnet Düğünü’) theater. Theater consisted of 2 acts and for actors of Hayal Perdesi Theatre Club of Pamukkale University. There was long standing ovation from viewers.
In the activity, which was organized by Culture and Social Affairs Department of Denizli Municipality, Pamukkale University’s Hayal Perdesi Theatre Group put on a play for acting Great Circumcision Feast (Büyük Sünnet Düğünü) theater. Before the start of the play an announcement was made about the World Theatre Day. The play, which played at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room, was viewed by Deputy Mayor of Denizli Municipality Şamil Çınar and many guests. Thanks to Hayal Perdesi actors, viewers had spent a pleasant evening. At the end of the play Deputy Mayor Şamil Çınar came on the stage and individually congratulated actors for their performance. Şamil Çınar liked this play very much and stated that Denizli Municipality supports all initiatives for Denizli’s development in the artistic area. In order to create the city’s theatre, a short while ago our Municipality started to conduct a new study with veteran of the theatre Tekin Akmansoy. In the past days we have conducted selections for actors. Our trainings began and I hope, that each person, who participates in this training will be a skilled actor. I know that during these trainings, we will watch very good plays.

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