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Children will be delighted by this news

Trainees of Theater club of Young Denizli gets together children with Yedi Köyün Yargısı (The judge of the seven villages) theater.
Young Denizli, which is an award-winning project, shows itself in the field of theater. 207 trainees of Theater Club continue to learn the intricacies of the theater. Trainees will show their skills both adults and children. In this context, Yedi Köyün Yargıcı (The judge of the seven villages) will be staged by 14 trainees. Free spectacle, written by Sönmez Atasoy and directed by Ozan Özdemir will be on the stage on February at Çatalçeşme Theatre Room.
In the meantime, the theatre is directed by Ozan Özdemir. Live music is performed by musician Sertaç İşbeçer.
Other trainees of Theater Club will get together theater lovers with 'Deli Bayram', 'Midasın Kulakları' and 'Çatlaklar Oteli'.

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