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Young Denizli Theatre Club Fascinated

Young Denizli Theatre Club of Denizli Municipality , wowed the audiences with their fantastic play 'From ear To ear'.
After they presented the very loved by children play 'Seven judge of the village', and for adults 'Cracks hotel' and 'Ears of Midas', Denizli Municipality Young Denizli Theatre Club brought together the audience this time for watching the play 'From ear To ear'.
Mayor Osman Zolan watched the play near the citizens at the Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall. Organized by Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Denizli Municipality, the play meets with the audience and had a special importance for the club's students to reflect what they have learned. The play was watched with a great interest by the audience.
Wrote by Lady Mc. Gregory and directed by Hediye Uğan, the play 'From ear To ear' relating the past and misunderstandings as a result of communication accidents in a marketplace made the audience laugh but it was suggestive as well. Giving full note to the play, the audience standing ovation at the end.
At the end of the play Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan gave flowers and plaque to actors and to the director Hediye Uğan. Mayor Zolan, noting the Young Denizli's Project involving in young people's education, ''Looking to the future, we see that it is in good hands. With this play you demonstrated how a good work you can do when you have the opportunity. I'm saying this without exaggerating. It delights us that young people performed such a play professionally. Our aim is to organize more events for young people in these areas. I would like to thank to all the young people who preserved us this beauty, ''he said.
Mayor Zolan, presented plaques to the players involved in the play.

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