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Young Denizli Theatre Club Raised the Curtain

Denizli Municipality Young Theatre Club captivated audiences with the plays 'War Game' and 'From ear to ear'.
There are 800 participants at Young Denizli Theatre Club who learning the subtleties of theater, continues to offer what they have learned to theatre plays lovers.
The players are a group of 45 students. The play 'War Game' written by Sermet Çağan and directed by Hakan Kurt and the play 'From year to year' written by Augusta Gregory and directed by Hediye Uğan were offered to theater lovers. Thus, the theatre lovers had the opportunity to watch the new season's first plays.
The play 'War Game' has impressed audiences to tears telling the story of how unnecessary is a war and haw much suffering it causes. At the end of the play of about 50 minutes, the audience standing ovation.
On the other hand, 'From ear to ear' play entertained and baffled at the same time the audience. Telling the gossips and misunderstandings in a marketplace 'From ear to ear' play took full note from the audience. Both games managed to fill the theatre halls.
The two plays realized by Young Denizli Theatre Club will continue to play alternately every weekend at 20:30 at Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall for free.
On the other hand the popular play 'Cracks Hotel 1'of the last season bring together again the audience with a new play, 'Cracks Hotel 2'.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan expressed once again how a good work can be done by students if they have the opportunity and invited everyone to watch these plays.
Written by Metin GÜLER and directed by Hakan Kurtwith a cast of 35 students, the premiere of 'Cracks Hotel 2' will be held on Sunday, 6th of October, 2013 time: 20:30 in the Zia Tıkıroğlu Open Air Theatre. All the plays will be free of charge. The plays 'Cracks Hotel 2', 'War Game' and 'From ear to ear' will continue to meet with the audience every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall.

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