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The 25th Theatre Play of City Theatre

Denizli Municipality City Theatre continues the representation of "Three Stone" theatre play which is describing the National Struggle lived by Denizli's people.
The "Three Stone" theatre play will open the curtain for the 25th time on Saturday, March 8. The play will meet again with the audience in Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall at 20:00. Director of Denizli Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Hüdaverdi Otaklı said in a statement that the play was a great success in the last season and will continue to be staged for thousands of spectators who loved it. Hüdaverdi Otaklı said that 'Three Stone' play will be put on stage on March 8 on the occasion of the International Women's Day because the play talks about the women's lives after the Battle of Çanakkale and this day is very meaningful for women all over the world and he invited all the citizens to watch once again this historic play.
In the one-act theatre play of Denizli Municipality City Theatre written and directed by the General Art Director Sinan Küçüköz will takes the stage almost 30 players who have been trained in the city theatre. Many historical personalities such as Müftü Ahmet Hulusi Efendi, Fahri Akçakoca, Çivrilli Bombacı, Mehmet Çavuş, Demirci Mehmet Efe will take the stage. One of the most acclaimed moment of the play is when the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk appear on the stage.
All the citizens are invited to watch the theatre play free of charges on Saturday, March 8th, 2014 at 20:00 at Çatalçeşme Theatre Hall.

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