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Young Denizli Theatre Club Has Fascinated

Young Denizli Theatre Club of Denizli Municipality has fascinated the audience with their new play 'Last Çanakkale' presented as part of the Çanakkale Victory and Martyr's Memorial Day activities.

After many successful pieces staged Denizli Municipality Young Denizli Theatre Club reaches the souls of the audience with the new theater play on the anniversary of Canakkale Victory. After the 'Seven village judge', 'Cracks hotels',' Midas' ears', Young Denizli is achieving a great succes with their new theatre play 'Last Çanakkale'.

Mayor Zolan came to watch the theatre play at PAÜ Congress and Culture Center. While presenting the play, organization made by Denizli Municipality, the theatre club students had the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned. Theatre play was watched with great interest by the viewers. Hundreds of people have filled the hall to overflowing.
Directed by Hakan Kurt, the theatre play 'Last Çanakkale' is focused on Çanakkale Victory which changed the fate of Turkey and the whole world. Lasting for approximately 2 hours, the play is describing in a dramatic way the breakup between soldiers and their families before going to war. As well is presented the struggle for the liberation on the facade.
Mayor of Denizli Municipality Osman Zolan congratulated the students after the play. Stating that young people being in the Young Denizli Project have done a great job, Mayor Zolan, ''When we look at you we see that the future is in good hands. With this play you have shown today what beautiful works can be done if is giving the opportunity to do them. We have started a project called Young Denizli. Young people are our future. We offer the opportunity for our young people to be well trained for their lives and for our country's future. We need to continue to work in all areas to bring our country, our city at the highest level.Our young people were really very successful. Our theatre club's students are even better then many professional actors. I congratulate them for this wonderful performance. We will be near you all the time supporting you in everything  you do, ''he said.
The actor who played the role of 'İstanbullu' in the play could not hold his tears filling the hall with emotion. Mayor Zolan supported him with a warm hug.
Receiving great appreciation from the viewers the 'Last Çanakkale' theatre play will be staged again on April.

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