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Metropolitan Theater staged Kamyon in Konya

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre, which received great acclaim with its beautiful plays staged in Denizli has brought its fame out of the city. At the request of the public, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre met the play ''Kamyon'' with the art lovers of Konya, at Konya State Theatre.
 Denizli Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre took the stage with the play ''Kamyon'' in Konya State Theatre at the invitation of Konya Çınar Art Workshop Association. The play Kamyon, written by Mehmet Baydur and directed by Samet Hafızoğlu met with the theatre lovers from Konya in the Konya State Theatre at the invitation of Konya Cinar Art Workshop Association. The Metropolitan Municipality City Theatre received the applause of the audience and returned to Denizli with pleasant memories. The artists of the Metropolitan Theatre said that the play was watched with interest and won the appreciation of the theatre lovers of Konya.
Kamyon (Truck)
The play Kamyon tells the story of the adventures of the new world porters in the Aegean mountains who have given their lives for their family. In the play, people travelling from different regions of Anatolia by truck for winning the bread money, remain trapped in the Aegean mountains. When the villagers of Aegean are added to the story of the people staying on the road by a truck, things become completely different.

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