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Denizli Municipality presented City Archive to the scientific world

Exhibition of Denizli City Archives and meeting was held at Pamukkale University Culture and Congress Center.
Denizli Municipality presented study services to the scientific world, which have never been conducted before in other provinces of the Turkey. Municipality has collected all kinds of information and documents that contain information about Denizli during the Ottoman and Republican Period. Abdülkadir Demir Denizli Governor, Mayor Osman Zolan, Nihat Zeybekci Member of Parliament, Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı Rector of Pamukkale University, Province Gendarmerie Commander Colonel General Staff Fuat Güney, many members of protocol, faculty members and students participated in the meeting.
Muzaffer Çetin Prime Minister's Archive Expert noted that all documents related to Denizli from 1500 to 1970 have been collected. At the first stage of the study, 72000 documents (52000 of them are Ottoman Documentations and 20000 is Republican documents) have been reached. At the end of the study we aim to collect 100000 Ottoman and 40000 Republican documents.
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Bağcı stated that Pamukkale University is always ready to give support and to resolve the deficiencies of such kinds of activities. Dr. Ali Ünal Head of History Department of PAU conveyed information at the meeting.
Mayor Osman Zolan pointed out the importance of the City Archive. If the nation doesn't know it's own history, it never will know it's own strength. So we need to learn all about Denizli. We wanted to collect all information and documents about Denizli. We want to create a Library here and to collect all documents within this library. We want to complete this study, which was started with the idea of Nihat Zeybekci.
Nihat Zeybekci stated that we took the first step in the creation of the archive. He noted that Ottoman Archives are very large, we have reached very important documents related to the past, and it's very important to transfer this archive to the new generations.
Abdülkadir Demir stated that Ottoman Empire attached the importance to the archives. Unfortunately we still haven't found all documents, but the most importantly research study has began. Members of university and experts have spent great efforts to create the city archive. Governorship and Special Provincial Administration always ready to give support to this study. It's very important duty for Denizli and our country.
Later, 135 of the 52000 documents from Denizli City Archive were exhibited.
The exhibition will be opened until tomorrow evening and also will be opened at Denizli Municipality's Turan Bahadır Exhibition Room for 1 week.

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